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How does period swimwear work?Updated a year ago

Period swimwear uses a carefully curated and innovative design, specially made to hold in leaks. And the best thing, no one would ever know it's that time of the month! Period swimwear looks and feels just like your regular swimwear.

Period swimwear typically combines three layers of material. A moisture wicking fabric that pulls moisture away from the skin, a middle layer that locks in leaks and absorbs menstrual blood and a waterproof outer layer. Modibodi's leak proof swimwear uses Modifier technology, a super slim stain resistant lining that uses these three layers.

Modibodi technology:

How Much Protection Does Period Swimwear Offer?

Period proof swimwear is a great option for those who experience irregular periods and for teens entering puberty - saving them the embarrassment and use of uncomfortable tampons.

Period swimwear is recommended for those who experience light to moderate periods, being able to hold up to two teaspoons of fluid which is equivalent to two tampons. Designed to hold in menstrual blood on its own, the swimwear can also be worn alongside tampons and menstrual cups to offer an extra layer of protection on heavier days. Australian brands Love Luna and Modibodi offer a range of different absorbencies depending on your flow! If you are a regular lap swimmer we suggest checking out Chlorine Resistant period swimwear from Funkita and Slicks.

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